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Electronic Prescriptions Posted on 25 Apr 2022

From Monday 7th September 2020, most prescriptions will be signed, sent and processed electronically. Patients will have 2 choices for how this works.  

You can chooose a pharmacy or dispenser to dispense all your prescriptions. When you are issued with a prescription it will be sent electronically to the dispenser you have chosen. You can then collect your medicines or appliances without having to hand in a paper prescription.


Your can decide each time you are issued a prescription where you would like it to be dispensed. When yo are issued a prescription, you will be given a paper copy that you take to any pharmacy or dispenser in England. The paper copy will contain a unique barcode that will be scanned to download your prescription from a secure database. These paper prescriptions will no longer need to be signed by a doctor or prescriber.  

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